Apr 302019
What A Peach! 3 Tips To Picking the Perfect Peach

Tips on selecting & storing peaches

Summer is the most amazing season when it comes to fruit variety. I can’t seem to get enough of the wonderful bounty. Today I’ll be sharing tips on selecting and storing peaches. These little tidbits were handed down to me by my grandmother.

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🍑Buy Locally

Regional peaches don’t have to travel far to reach your dinner table. Farmers can pick fruit at the peak of ripeness. Peaches shipped nationwide tend to be picked under ripe, so they can withstand the long journey. Discovering a pick- it yourself orchard is the best path to enjoying a supple peach. Farmer’s markets are another gem. Knowledgeable farmers are happy to guide you to the perfect peach.

🍑Look for Color

Fragrant peaches are always a good sign, but it is not the only indicator for a ready to eat peach. Peaches should have vibrant red or yellow tones and colors. Be mindful of any green hues, especially around the stem. Green tones tell a story of a peach picked before it’s time. These peaches are great for meals calling for a firmer peach, such as grilling.

🍑Give It A Gentle Squeeze

Peaches become sweeter as they ripen. Squeeze the peach soft and tender. If it yields to the touch, the peach is ready and ripe. If you are wanting to eat peaches over a few days, buy them at varying degrees of ripeness.

🍑The Art of Storing Peaches

Once you bring home your peaches, store them at room temperature, stem side down. To prevent bruising, line them up side by side.

🍑Freezing Peaches

Boil the peaches for about 1 minute, then put them in ice water. The skins should peel right off with no fuss. Cut the peaches into quarters and freeze with the juice.

Do you have any tidbits for picking and storing peaches?


Reader Comments

  1. Wow, I never knew to store them stem side down and lined up. This is some invaluable information. Idk why I ever stored them in the refrigerator 🤔! I live in MS and will definitely check to see if we can find a peach farm! Great post!!

  2. These are great tips, especially the one about storing them…did not know that! We always buy peaches from farmer’s markets, but here in Colorado, we have to wait until July. Can’t get enough of them!
    Thanks for this helpful info!
    Lisa 🙂

    1. Thank you Lisa! I used to live in Colorado (would love to move back) and one year we made the trip to Grand Junction to a pick your own peach farm. I came back with so many peaches, but none of them went to waste. Those were the best peaches I ever had. Colorado grows some wonderful peaches, it’s worth it to wait till July.

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