May 072019
Discover Your Authentic Self

Discover Your Authentic Self

Do you feel stuck in a life your soul can no longer bear? Are you dreaming of a fulfilled life, yet not taking positive steps to turn your dreams into reality?

That was me, not too long ago. I was living in an unsatisfying existence. I wanted change, but fear and negative thoughts kept me stagnant. One day I had a moment of clarity: Discover who I truly am and let my uniqueness shine. This is the path to a beautiful & fulfilled life. I followed that moment of clarity by asking myself some provoking, life altering questions. Now, I am moving forward with my life and working towards my goals. I feel more at peace with myself, knowing that I am creating my own destiny.

By answering these questions, you’ll be on the path to discovering who you are and what you want out of life.

Do You Love the Person You Are?

How satisfied are you with who you are? What kind of person do you want to become? No matter how you feel about yourself at this moment, you can make the decision to become your authentic self. The power lies within your mind and how you view yourself.

Your thought patterns determine how you feel about yourself and the reality you create. The process of making changes begins in your mind. Focus your energies on personal growth by nourishing your soul. Listen to motivational videos, read uplifting books or practice something new. By redirecting your thoughts into positive energy, you begin to redirect your life.

Imagine Your Life One Year from now. If it’s the same as the present, would you be okay with that? What steps can you take to make changes?

These questions are designed to get you to think about what you are doing now and find solutions to create positive change. So many people get trapped into inaction, because they let their fear and negative emotions paralyze them. What can you do today to begin a domino effect of change? Listen to your heart and create specific goals for yourself.

Our subconscious minds work harder to obtain results from specific goals rather than general ones. For example, do you want to change your work environment by finding a new job? Decide on a specific type of job, rather than just telling yourself you want a new job. Create a timeline for yourself and write down what you need to do each day or each week to turn your goal into reality.

What Are Your Strengths, What Are You Good At?

Our minds usually navigate towards negativity. Our thoughts linger on what isn’t right, our faults and perceived weaknesses. Redirecting your attention to what you are good at is a powerful step to change.

What Do You Honestly Enjoy?

What makes you truly happy and how can you incorporate it in your own life? Are you passionate about helping people, writing, music or (fill in the blank)? What is holding you back? Give your mind a chance to hold on to something positive, something that will fuel action. It’s helpful to create a level of clarity around what success means to you, how success would look like and how it would make you feel.

Celebrate your uniqueness, your authentic self. Become the change you want to see in yourself. You are the architect of your life.

Reader Comments

    1. Natasha,
      Happy to hear you enjoyed the post. It’s all about baby steps, but moving towards a positive direction in our lives. We can all be the change.

    1. Celebrating our uniqueness is a hard thing to do for most of us. I’m happy to hear that you have already put it to practice.

    1. Kale,
      You are so right, our society encourages and thrives in negativity. I say kind things to other people as well, at times even strangers. I am learning to say positive things to myself.

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