Jun 122019
Diet Is A Dirty Word

Diet Is A Dirty Word

Once upon a time I worked for a weight loss company. I absolutely loved guiding my clients in creating a healthy lifestyle. Some of the women I counseled honestly wanted to create change in their lives, while others just wanted another “fad” diet to quickly drop the pounds.

Which group of clients do you think had lasting life changing results? If you guessed the first group, you get a gold star. Change begins from within. Losing weight and living your best health-style is a lifelong commitment.
Diets on the other hand are designed for failure. Shocked? Sure, you may shed the weight so you can fit into your bathing suit, but what then? Diets don’t teach you how to keep the weight off. They don’t educate you on eating healthy, maintaining your weight or exercise. Dieting also deprives your body of vital nutrients. What good is losing weight if you are feeling sluggish and malnourished?

Creating positive change in your life is a challenging endeavor, but one that will benefit you for years to come. Invest in yourself and your wellbeing by choosing to embark on a healthy, happy you.

Reader Comments

    1. Ed,
      It’s a journey well worth taking. Our world has become one of instant gratification. Many people would rather crash diet and see temporary results, instead of incorporating healthy changes into their lifestyle.

    1. Claudia,
      Yes. There are so many contradicting statements when it comes to diets. They are all designed to deprive our bodies of essential vitamins & minerals.

      I firmly believe in listening to what my body is telling me. Moderation is key. Incorporating a variety of fruits & veg is fundamental for optimal survival.

    1. I agree. A healthy lifestyle is beneficial to us all. I always cringe when I hear about the latest crash diet. People eat it up though. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to expunge diets and instead educate the masses on creating their personal health-style?

  1. I am working on this topic every day. I am working on finding out what will work for me, which might not work for others. Different factors affect my results that may not affect others. We will see what happens but it is a life change. I’ve seen many people go on fad diets. lost weight and gain it back and then some.

    1. Susan,
      Thank you for sharing & I wish you luck in finding a health-style that works for you.

      You bring up a valid point, each of us is created different, what works for one person may not work for another. I wish more people would understand this concept & learn how to listen to their bodies. Our bodies constantly gives us clues to what it needs.
      For instance, I’ve discovered that my body feels and performs better when I cut out meat & dairy. I feel like Wonder Woman! On the other hand if I consume meat and dairy, I feel sluggish, sick and grumpy. I am also incorporating yoga & meditation into my health-style.

    1. It takes true commitment to instill a healthier lifestyle into our lives. Those who choose this path reap the rewards.

    1. Gabi,
      It is my hope that more people will wake up and ditch their diets. There are plenty of resources to aid people in creating their personal healthy lifestyle.

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