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My name is Isabella and I am the creator behind The Sunny Sage. This website is a natural living platform inspiring you to enrich your life with heart felt intent.

I initiated this website with aspirations of sharing my passions for eco-living, delicious food and cultivating a happy & healthy life.
People often ask me why I chose The Sunny Sage to represent my blog. The sun is a vital force for every living thing on this planet. It offers energy to restore our well-being, recharging our body, mind & spirit. Sage is considered a blessing herb. It is often burned to clear negative energy from homes, thus inviting positivity into our lives. Plus, it’s a wonderful herb to grow and use in our culinary endeavors.

The woman behind the blog

I’ll let you in on a little secret. Isabella is the ink-veined alter ego of a demurer Trish. I’ve always felt a strong connection to the name Isabella. But we needn’t discuss this any longer.
I am forty something years young and have been blessed with an amazing son & daughter. I’m very fortunate to have a supportive & loving husband. Our lives are far from perfect, but we strive to learn and grow as individuals & as a family.
The Sunny Sage is about love. Love for our Earth, our bodies & soul. Love nourishes & heals. Love embodies peace.

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